We at Bressanté care about your comfort, that’s why we have created several options for women that need some help following breast surgery. Wearing a breast prosthesis is an option that women should be aware of.

Whether you have had a mastectomy, lumpectomy or some other type of surgery – we can create a personalized, soft and lightweight breast prosthesis that will suit your needs and lifestyle.  We believe in innovation and we come up with awesome prosthetic solutions based on feedback from our clients, all beautiful women just like you.


Founder and President

Wendy Smith

Wendy Smith is the founder and president of Bressanté and a Certified Prosthetist and Clinical Anaplastologist.

Over almost three decades Wendy has built an international reputation for excellence in the development of new techniques for creating highly detailed, medically and aesthetically accurate, fine prosthetic devices such as hands, fingers, ears, noses and breasts.

Wendy is passionate about helping women with breast cancer. She is an advocate and has spoken at several international conferences on how the medical profession can offer more practical advice for dealing with the body changes and personal challenges that often accompany a diagnosis of breast cancer.

Please explore our site and let us provide you with a Choice, Comfort and the Confidence that goes along with looking and feeling great !

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