Adding A Tattoo To Your Breast Form

When a breast form is comfortable, it becomes easier to integrate it into your body image. When you personalize your breast form it feels like a part of you because you have played a part in its design. Many women after breast surgery get inked to celebrate their new self. Are you maybe feeling left out because you’ve chosen to wear a breast form, which would otherwise cover up where the tattoo would normally be placed? You won’t be feeling left out for long.

We have created a way for you to make your breast form truly your own by adding a tattoo. Your tattoo can be an inspiring word, or a beautiful image that means something special to you. The tattoos are permanent and won’t wash off. You can choose the design and colours; simple or fancy! 

Your tattoo can be placed where it’s going to be easily seen, or it can be hidden so only you know it’s there. It’s entirely up to you. Here is a chance for you to treat yourself to something that you deserve!

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