Areola Restoration

There are a number of ways to restore a nipple and areola after breast cancer and breast surgery. It is important to do some research and talk to people that have undergone the procedure that you’re interested in. It is also important to find the right professional to help you. Take your time making a decision regarding restoration. This is a decision that should take time and consideration. You should be comfortable with the level of commitment. For example, try something like a temporary tattoo first and then perhaps a nipple prosthesis. If you choose to undergo a more permanent procedure, at least you’ll have an idea of what your results could be. Above all, make sure that you are not pressured into restoring your areola and nipple before you are ready. You should be completely comfortable with the person that you choose to help you on this part of your journey.

  1. Bressante Nipple Prosthetics:
    Made from very soft silicone, they look and feel natural
    Variety of shapes and colours
     Adhere to the skin with medical adhesive
    Can wear for several days at a time
    Contact Us for an appointment/more information
    Price range is $300-$500 
  2. Paramedical Tattooing
    Do your own research; don’t rush
    Find a professional with 5+ years experience, a current license and safe practices
    Ask for client testimonials and references
    Ask to see their portfolio, and talk to others who have had it done
    You should feel comfortable throughout the process
    It will require several visits
    Wait a minimum of 6 months after your last surgery. A consult is okay 3-6 months post surgery
    Price range is $500-$1,000
  3. Henna & Decorative Tattoos
    Can be temporary like henna or permanent 
    Elaborate designs, sparkles and colours or Lady Lorelei 
    Can cover scars
    Costs vary $25-$1,000
    Find a professional tattoo artist who makes you feel comfortable
  4. Temporary Tattoos
    Can be a fun way to discover that look that you want
    Temporary means very little commitment
    Low cost, $5 and up
    Wide Variety of Designs and Subjects
  5. Surgical Restoration & Tattooing
    Skin from the sound nipple/areola or a graft from somewhere else on the body is usually required
    Permanent and long term solution
    Recovery Period
    May create more scarring
    Find a skilled surgeon
    Cost: ?

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