Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Online Summit

Online International Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Summit

Wendy was contacted by Denise Stewart, an Occupational Therapist from Australia to make a presentation sharing her professional experience and opinions on breast cancer rehabilitation. Denise has produced a unique online summit for healthcare professionals to collaborate on the best way to help their patients.This summit brings together speakers from around the globe who will talk about a variety of issues concerning breast cancer rehabilitation. What happens after breast cancer treatment is often overlooked. This summit will be a step towards changing that. The main topic of Wendy’s presentation is breast prosthetics and will also touch on art as therapy for both patients and caregivers. Wendy’s talk will be up on day three of the summit. 

You can register for a 24 hour free period during the summit. If you want to see Wendy’s talk, make sure you register for day three! 

After you register for the summit you will have access from December 6th-12th. The website says:

  • “Register for the Summit and you will get:
  • Emails about the summit presenters leading up to the summit.
  • Links to gain free day (24 hrs) access to the presentations of the day
  • Email notice of new presentations each day over 5 days.
  • Purchase option for the entire summit to listen to in your own time frame over 6 months.
  • Access to presenter’s post summit masterclass information.”

So there you have it! You can learn more about the Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Summit and Denise Stewart at the links below:

BCRS Information:

Denise Stewart:

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