Breast cancer survivors model monokinis

Photo credit : E. Halttunen

“Monokini 2.0 is a social art project that re-examines popular culture’s narrow view of a woman’s ideal appearance” via beautiful photographs of gorgeous, brave breast cancer survivors modelling swimsuits tailored to their post-mastectomy bodies.

“The fact is that many women who have had one breast removed due to breast cancer don’t wish to have breast reconstruction surgery, they wish to continue their lives with one or no breasts at all,” explains the official description on Monokini 2.0’s site.

So a group of Finnish fashion designers set out to design a unique swimwear collection, which is going to be “exhibited in a performative catwalk venue” while the “photographs will be exhibited in Norway, Finland and Sweden.” A Kickstarter campaign is also in the works and scheduled to launch May 30.

See more of the model photographs here

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