Contact our representative: Jeanie Webb

“I knew from a young age that I would like to own a business because while serving customers coffee I would be thinking of ten different ways that things could be run better. Having worked in a few different fields of business, lingerie has definitely been my favourite. Eventually enthusiasm gets taken over by the everyday grind of owning a business because you never really leave your job. Sixteen months into owning Bella Ragazza and I still get just as excited about the products we carry and working with great companies such as Bressante. My goal has always been finding great quality, beautiful product in all sizes at great prices. It sounds like a tall order but everything we carry here has to meet those requirements and working with North American and European designers gives us just the right combination.” Contact Jeanie through Bella Ragazza Lingerie & Swimwear Boutique, conveniently located in Selkirk, MB at 63B Main Street (204) 785-1802. View her website here.