Cancer de mama in Mexico

Cancer-de-Mama-2014-1A group of compassionate and committed women (and men) in the village of La Peñita in Nayarit, Mexico are providing care and support for breast cancer survivors in the region, which has an extremely high incidence of breast cancer.

Founded in 1996 by British Columbia native Jackie Jackson, a breast cancer survivor herself, Cancer de Mama offers free prostheses, funds medical expenses, helps post-surgery with counseling and physical therapy, and provides wigs, scarves and hats for Mexican women.

Additionally, Cancer de Mama hosts a three-day workshop annually in La Peñita to address all areas of dealing with breast cancer, giving women compassion, information, hope and encouragement. 

Cancer de Mama can always use donations and other forms of support.  Every year Bressanté  donates money and prostheses to the cause. Check out the project’s website or join their Facebook group page to learn more about how you can help this dedicated group of volunteers and their important work.

Cancer de mama

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