Areola Restoration

There are a number of ways to restore a nipple and areola after breast cancer and breast surgery. It is important to do some research and talk to people that have undergone the procedure that you’re interested in. It is also important to find the right professional to help you. Take your time making a decision regarding restoration. This is a decision that should take time and consideration. You should be comfortable with the level of commitment. For example, try something like a temporary tattoo first and then perhaps a nipple prosthesis. If you choose to undergo a more permanent procedure, at least you’ll have an idea of what your results could be. Above all, make sure that you are not pressured into restoring your areola and nipple before you are ready. You should be completely comfortable with the person that you choose to help you on this part of your journey.

Active Movement During and After Breast Cancer Treatment


There are benefits to being active including, better digestion, improved mood, having more energy and a feeling of well being. It’s important that we know what kinds of movement are good for our health during and after breast cancer treatment. There’s yoga, walking, swimming and other forms of activity that we can partake in to ease back into other activities like running, weight training and other forms of intense exercise. Be sure and discuss with your doctor before trying any new activities. 

Both of the links below offer advice on which movements and activities may help you wherever you are on your journey.  

Questions and Answers with Lymphedema Expert Dr. Emily Iker

Interview with Lymphedema Expert Dr. Emily Iker

Dr. Emily Iker

Dr. Emily Iker is director of the Lymphedema Center in Santa Monica. She is a well regarded Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialist focusing on the diagnosis, management and treatment of lymphatic disorders. 


Iker teaches and lectures annually, nationally and internationally, and is an instructor for Lymphedema Management courses. She is a member of the Scientific Committee for the 26th World Congress of Lymphology taking place in Barcelona, September 25 to 29, 2017 []. Here she will lead the Lymphedema Management course as well as present several lectures on Lymphedema and Lipedema.


We interviewed Dr. Emily Iker over the phone.

Healthy Ways for Spouses to Cope After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Coping in Healthy Ways After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, everyone around her is likely to be affected in some way.  There is often stress and anxiety for the patient and those closest to them. Spouses are confronted with feelings they have not had to deal with before, and knowing how to cope in the healthiest way possible is important for their mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Online Summit

Online International Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Summit

Wendy was contacted by Denise Stewart, an Occupational Therapist from Australia to make a presentation sharing her professional experience and opinions on breast cancer rehabilitation. Denise has produced a unique online summit for healthcare professionals to collaborate on the best way to help their patients.This summit brings together speakers from around the globe who will talk about a variety of issues concerning breast cancer rehabilitation. What happens after breast cancer treatment is often overlooked. This summit will be a step towards changing that. The main topic of Wendy’s presentation is breast prosthetics and will also touch on art as therapy for both patients and caregivers. Wendy’s talk will be up on day three of the summit. 

Make Your Own Breast Form

Unfortunately, the government does not provide enough funding for women to purchase a breast prosthesis post mastectomy. Not all women can afford a “nice” prosthesis that isn’t a basic generic gel bag.

making a prosthesis

Beverly Johnson, owner of Bra-makers Supply and  “Fairy Bra Mother”, based in Ontario has created a step by step guide on how to create your own home made breast form with some foam, beads and a sewing machine. The instructions are easy to follow and the materials are also affordable.

Top 5 reasons people get breast prosthetics

breast prosthesis

There are actually many reasons for people to get breast prosthetics. Some of them may come as a surprise. We all know someone who has struggled with post-mastectomy body changes after breast cancer treatment. You may not be aware that many women have breasts that are different sizes and in some women only one breast develops. Transitioning women may want to wear breast prosthetics at any point throughout their journey. Some people just enjoy enhancing or changing their curves. Lets not forget all the amazing performers out there. Prosthetic breasts can transform a person’s look and how they feel about themselves.