breast cancer awareness month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. This is the time of year when events such as the Run for the cure and the Guardian Angel Benefit shine a spotlight on this prevalent and persistent disease. In the last few years a number of high profile women have spoken openly about their struggles with breast cancer and the difficult decisions they have been forced to make.

kickstarter campaign supporters

Kickstarter Thank you List
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It seems like only yesterday that we were celebrating the success of our Kickstarter campaign. Summer is flying by and we are happy to say that things are happening. We have been working with the ladies in Group 1 to find out what their needs are. Through a series of questionnaires, we will be able to provide them with soft, lightweight and comfortable Bressanté breast prostheses. We have updated our Bressanté website and we have a plan to add more helpful content for women that have experienced breast cancer. We will share prosthetic information, fashion advice, natural beauty tips and practical advice to guide women as they travel along their own personal road to recovery. In addition, we are continuing with our bra drives and are collecting gently used lingerie to donate to Cancer de Mama Clinic in Mexico: learn more here.

Kickstarter Success

fireworks-300x240Well, miracles DO happen. Thanks to our 79 backers and many supporters, the “Building a Better Breast Prosthesis” Kickstarter project is a GO! It was down to the wire but our friends came through on June 15th and we are now fully funded to provide 10 women across North America with innovative, light-weight custom-made and fitted prostheses. Backers can look forward to a range of rewards and we’ll keep everyone posted with regular updates. Thank-you from the bottom of our hearts. And now, it begins …

Crash Test Dummies join Bressanté Kickstarter

11351344_1010461998987323_5102157765584717993_nAfter attending a workshop led by Mitch Dorge, drummer for the Canadian band the Crash Test Dummies, Bressanté’s Wendy Smith asked for help to bring awareness to her Kickstarter campaign that launched May 13th. Dorge and the other band members, Ellen Reid, Brad Roberts, Dan Roberts and Ben Darvill agreed that the problem was one that should be talked about. “It is something most people don’t think about unless they have had some personal experience, mainly because it is covered up with clothing”, says Dorge. Women suffer in silence as they face asymmetry, discomfort and clothes that don’t fit well.