Top 5 reasons people get breast prosthetics

breast prosthesis

There are actually many reasons for people to get breast prosthetics. Some of them may come as a surprise. We all know someone who has struggled with post-mastectomy body changes after breast cancer treatment. You may not be aware that many women have breasts that are different sizes and in some women only one breast develops. Transitioning women may want to wear breast prosthetics at any point throughout their journey. Some people just enjoy enhancing or changing their curves. Lets not forget all the amazing performers out there. Prosthetic breasts can transform a person’s look and how they feel about themselves.

Eyebrow threading and Women in Motion

Today, we are going to introduce you to our lovely, strong women in motion. Women in motion are modern women of today who love life. They are a diverse group of women coming together from all parts of the world. We collaborated with the talented graphic artist, Alice Crawford to create these beautiful characters. The inspiration for these characters came from real women from all walks of life. They are going to be sharing their wisdom with you through out the coming months.