Healthy Ways for Spouses to Cope After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Coping in Healthy Ways After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, everyone around her is likely to be affected in some way.  There is often stress and anxiety for the patient and those closest to them. Spouses are confronted with feelings they have not had to deal with before, and knowing how to cope in the healthiest way possible is important for their mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Walking for health

walking for health

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Don’t Stress the Holidays

Holiday-Decorating-Ideas-1081-1024x640The last six weeks of the year are traditionally a stressful time. Most of us are juggling family, work, an amped up social calendar and the associated financial, emotional and physical costs. It’s probably time to take a big breath and have a think about all the good things behind our seasonal celebrations – love, peace, family and gratitude. The Mayo Clinic has released some simple tips for handling stress during the holiday season.