Jellyfish Swimform

Are you just waiting to jump into the pool or lake? Is your heavy swimform holding you back? We have heard from ladies like yourself that the heavu swimforms of the past can make your swimsuit sag! Who needs that? We have created the Jellyfish Swimform to solve those problems. 

The Jellyfish is a lightweight breastform designed for use in the water. The Jellyfish Swimform is made to be worn in a pocketed swimsuit. A pocket can be added to your favourite suit or you may want to buy a suit that already has pockets. The Jellyfish is not heavy and will not make your swimsuit sag. Water flows in and out freely and will drain naturally when you get out of the water. The Jellyfish is perfect for swimming in a salt water or chlorinated pool, lakes, the ocean, or a hot tub. The Jellyfish swimform is easy to care for; just rinse well after each use. The Jellyfish dries quickly and is fully adjustable to get the perfect shape.

So grab your favourite swimsuit and jump in!

Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

We know how important it is to have access to information. There is a lot of misleading and inaccurate information on the internet, and it can be overwhelming when you’re looking for answers. Our goal is to provide trustworthy sources for our readers. We try to verify our sources so you only get the most accurate information about breast cancer rehabilitation. 

Always check with your healthcare provider if you have a specific problem or treatment-related issue. Below you will find a good overview describing common breast cancer treatments. Our lightweight breast prosthetics are included as a good option to restore your figure without surgery following a breast cancer diagnosis. 

What colour is your breastform?

“My breastform doesn’t show so why does it matter what colour it is?”

The colour and appearance of your breast prosthesis is directly related to wearing compliance and the ease in which you can integrate your prosthesis into your body image. Ideally, your breastform should become a part of you; a part of your everyday life. It is much harder if your prosthesis is ugly or is the wrong colour.

That’s why Bressanté prosthetics are made to look like breasts with areola/nipple detail and a variety of skin tone colours.

All women should have a breastform that matches their skin tone as closely as possible. If you wish to wear a lacy or sheer bra, it should not be a problem. Your Bressanté breastform won’t show.

Even more importantly, you see your breast prosthesis every day. It should look as close to a natural breast as possible, making you feel confident and comfortable.

Happy International Women’s Day

Over the years we have had the privilege to meet hundreds of the most elegant, interesting, life-loving, kick-ass women that ever lived!

They are our superheroes!

Managing a family and work obligations while enduring cancer treatment is not for the faint of heart. Believe us, they do it with style and sass.

Our hats are off to every single women that has ever received a cancer diagnosis and all the women that love them. That pretty much covers all the women in the WORLD. 

Love & Hugs on this very special International Women’s Day

Hurray for Us! 

What to do while you wait for reconstruction…


What to do while you wait for reconstruction…

Waiting lists for breast reconstruction surgery can be long and there is no guarantee that you will have the surgery as scheduled. So many unexpected things can happen.

So what is a gal to do? You are feeling fine and you want to go out, get back to work or socialise. You just aren’t feeling very confident about your shape.

Guess what? You can wear a Bressanté breastform while you wait! Bressanté breastforms are soft, lightweight and comfortable. They are also fully adjustable so you can get the perfect fit whether you have had a lumpectomy or mastectomy. You can wear your existing wardrobe and you can get back to feeling like yourself really quickly. Whether it’s for a short time or a long time, wearing a Bressanté breastform is an option you should explore at

Wardrobe Hacks After Mastectomy/Lumpectomy

Adapting your wardrobe after dealing with breast cancer can be challenging. Breast cancer treatment often leads to body changes such as weight loss or gain, loss of part or all of the breast or the loss of both breasts. As time goes by your body structure may shift and the way your muscles work will change. It’s a whole new world in terms of finding clothes that fit, flatter and make you feel good.

It is important to know that you don’t need to get rid of your existing wardrobe so don’t go and donate or throw away just yet. Here is a list of top 10 tips for adjusting your wardrobe to you can regain your confidence and feel like yourself again!

  1. Take some time to try things on; do this when you aren’t rushed or pressured. Have good lighting and a mirror available.
  2. Divide your clothes into 3 piles; Keep, Adjust or Repair & Say Goodbye
  3. The Keep and Adjust piles should be clothing that you really like, in fact only those outfits you can’t live without. Most of us have too much in our closets; now is a good time to discover the good and get rid of the clutter.
  4. Find a seamstress if you don’t sew. Even if you do sew a seamstress can guide you and help you identify what changes are needed to make a garment fit properly.
  5. Make sure your bra fits properly and your breast prosthesis restores symmetry and feels comfortable. Our Bressanté breast prostheses will do that for you because they are lightweight, soft and ADJUSTABLE. So important!
  6. Invite a friend with an eye for fashion to help you. Ask for his or her honest opinion about how an outfit looks. We are usually too critical about ourselves and the way we look. If the outfit doesn’t flatter or is uncomfortable you know what to do; say goodbye.
  7. With some minor alterations, your clothing can work for you. Consider where the garment is being worn and what you will be doing. Alterations may be different for evening wear as opposed to workout wear.
  8. Don’t sacrifice your personal style because you are self-conscious. There is probably a way to alter a favourite garment so you can enjoy wearing it again.
  9. Once you have purged, altered and feel good about your choices; buy something new. Outlet stores, second hand shops and swapping with friends are good ways to add something special to your wardrobe.
  10. Have fun dressing your new body. When you feel good about yourself it shows. Remember you have been through a lot. Be gentle and walk tall; you are awesome!

We have a pinterest page with FASHION INSPIRATION for women who have had a mastectomy. Check it out here and see some examples of what you will find below!

Benefits of Wearing a Bressanté breastform

Benefits of Wearing a Bressanté breastform:

  • No pain/complications that may be associated with reconstruction surgery; you will be super comfortable.
  • Clothing will fit better; symmetry is restored
  • You will look & feel more like yourself
  • You can use your existing wardrobe; less costly
  • A soft, lightweight Bressanté breastform will protect your sensitive chest.
  • Our breastforms are completely adjustable to get the perfect fit.

How long after a mastectomy/lumpectomy should I wait to wear a breastform?

This is a personal decision and is different for everyone. Women are often advised to wait 3 months after surgery before being fit with a breastform.

Most women need not wait that long. If your incision is well healed and you can comfortably wear a bra then you can be fit with a Bressanté breastform. Our breastforms are adjustable, lightweight and soft so it is perfectly safe to go for a personal fitting or to order your Bressante breastform online at

Toronto Pop Up: A Huge Success

Our recent trip to Toronto was a great success. We met several groups of women that were really impressed with our prosthetics and were very enthusiastic about Bressante in general. 

Some of what our clients had to say:

“The Capri is so comfortable, that I won’t have to worry about my Christmas get-togethers this season!”

“I’ve been on a waiting list for reconstructive surgery for three years. Now that I’ve found the Capri, I’m off the list for good! Yay!”

“WHERE have you guys been hiding?? Women need to know about this!”

These comments energise us and we are going to continue spreading the word about how easy it is to be comfortable wearing a Bressante Capri breast form. 

Order yours online NOW!

Bra Day in Toronto

We at Bressante know that it is important for those experiencing breast cancer and mastectomy to know the options available to them after breast surgery. Attending Bra Day Toronto is one of the ways to gain insight, knowledge and hear of first-hand experience from real women who have been through it all. We had a great time making connections and networking when we attended in 2015, and we are sure looking forward to the event again tonight! We hope to bring awareness to our fitting event happening in Toronto on November 29th and 30th where we will be fitting women with prosthetics and bras and providing education about our products. Please stay tuned for more info on this event soon, and enjoy Bra Day tonight, Toronto!