Daily exercise for busy women

Basic RGBEveryone should be dedicated to maintaining health and wellness throughout their lives. But it can be challenging to fit complicated regimes or trips to the gym into busy schedules.

Here are a few tips to help combine exercise with everyday living and working.

Take the Stairs
Unless your office is on the 16th floor, you’ll find that taking the stairs is just as fast as the elevator. And if your office is on a higher floor, you can always walk up two or three flights to get a little aerobic activity. As time goes by, you will find that you want to walk higher and higher, instead of riding the elevator.

Walking Helps
Experts agree that walking more is an important part of maintaining health. Walking and other types of weight-bearing activity decrease the risk of osteoporosis (a degenerative bone condition that can affect women as they get older) and increase cardiovascular health. Walking can also relieve stress and stretch out muscles. Get in more walking by parking as far away from the entrance of your workplace or destination as possible. You may be able to get in a five-minute walk just by parking at the far end of the lot. Although 20 minutes of regular physical activity, twice a day, is the standard recommendation for weight loss and maintenance, you do not have to get in all 40 minutes at a single time. You can do five minutes here and there. This is not just a good tip for busy women, it’s also good advice for anyone who has been sedentary or has issues with fatigue. It’s easier to walk for five minutes straight than for 20 or more. You can build stamina when you are ready or have more time available.

Exercise for busy women often involves multi-tasking. You can work out with elastic bands while watching TV. You can ride a stationary bike while helping the kids with their homework. You can walk on the treadmill while doing your own homework. When you are cleaning house, do it vigorously. Run with the vacuum! It burns more calories and it’s more fun, too. Put on some music and dance with the kids. There are many ways to increase your level of physical activity and have fun. You are a smart woman. Use your imagination. Maintaining health is the most important thing you can do.

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