It’s About “Hope”…

For Linda Perrin and her mother Doris Bourrier it’s all about HOPE. Both women are long term breast cancer survivors and today they are both thriving. Linda, a retired mental health nurse works tirelessly to support and educate women about their options post-mastectomy. Those options include Bressante breast prosthetics that are soft, lightweight, versatile and adjustable. Linda is a wonderful advocate and she knows first-hand what to expect following a breast cancer diagnosis. Linda and her mom wanted to give back in a special way so they decided to donate their gently used Bressante prosthetics to the Cancer De Mama Clinic in La Penita, Mexico. Not only did they donate their prosthetics but they had them tattooed with the word “Esperanza,” which means “Hope” in Spanish. A thoughtful and loving gesture. Two deserving women in Mexico that are struggling with cancer related side effects and the loss of a breast will receive a beautiful breast prosthesis. They will also receive a message of hope in their native language from a long term survivor. This is just one example of how a simple act of kindness can give hope to someone who desperately needs it. Thank you Linda and Doris for all that you do! 

Cancer De Mama is an organization whose mission is to provide a service that is part of the healing process for survivors of breast cancer. Cancer De Mama provides free prostheses, funds medical expenses, helps with after surgery counselling and physical therapy, and provides wigs, scarves and hats for Mexican women. Each year, Bressante makes a donation of bras and prosthetics to this worthy cause.
Link to their website here.

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