Jellyfish Swimform

Are you just waiting to jump into the pool or lake? Is your heavy swimform holding you back? We have heard from ladies like yourself that the heavu swimforms of the past can make your swimsuit sag! Who needs that? We have created the Jellyfish Swimform to solve those problems. 

The Jellyfish is a lightweight breastform designed for use in the water. The Jellyfish Swimform is made to be worn in a pocketed swimsuit. A pocket can be added to your favourite suit or you may want to buy a suit that already has pockets. The Jellyfish is not heavy and will not make your swimsuit sag. Water flows in and out freely and will drain naturally when you get out of the water. The Jellyfish is perfect for swimming in a salt water or chlorinated pool, lakes, the ocean, or a hot tub. The Jellyfish swimform is easy to care for; just rinse well after each use. The Jellyfish dries quickly and is fully adjustable to get the perfect shape.

So grab your favourite swimsuit and jump in!

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