Bressanté is proud to now be a part of this program & to help women  across Manitoba find a soft and lightweight breast prosthesis that will suit their needs and lifestyle.

Who is eligible ?

Women are eligible if they:

  • Are Manitoba residents;
  • Have had a single or double mastectomy; and
  • Do not have the costs paid through other provincial or federal programs.

Is there a cost to the eligible woman ?

When choosing products that are under or equal to the benefit amount, the eligible woman does not pay. The Manitoba Breast Prosthesis Program will pay the Approved Retail Supplier directly.

Prosthesis Options

Option 1:

A benefit every two years of:

  1. Up to $400 for one prosthesis for a single mastectomy; or
  2. Up to $400 per prosthesis for a total of two prostheses for a double mastectomy; and
  3. Up to $50 for one bra


Option 2:

A benefit every four years of:

  1. Up to $800 for one prosthesis for a single mastectomy; or
  2. Up to $800 per prosthesis to a total of two prostheses for a double mastectomy; and,
  3. Up to $100 for one bra.

How to Apply

Step 1: Get a prescription.

For the first prosthesis fitting a woman will be required to provide the approved retail supplier with a prescription, written by a practicing surgeon, physician or nurse practitioner in Manitoba. The approved retail supplier will fax the prescription to CancerCare Manitoba so that it can be kept on file for future use.

Step 2: Choose a retail supplier and a program option.

Option 1: There is no cost to the woman. Prostheses and brassieres must come from an approved supplier.

Option 2: A woman must pay for a brassiere and/or prosthesis and submit the receipt(s) for reimbursement. The purchase can be made through any retailer.

Step 3: Call ahead to book an appointment.

Certified fitters are not always available. This is very important if you plan to shop on weekends. The supplier needs to confirm your eligibility for a prosthesis through the Manitoba Breast Prosthesis Program. This can be done before your appointment but only during regular business hours Monday to Friday.

Bressanté is on the approved suppliers list for the Manitoba Breast Prosthesis Program.

To learn more about this program & how YOU may be eligible, please contact us.