Prosthetic Nipples

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Technology is advancing very quickly. One area of reconstructive medicine that is exceptionally challenging is restoring the nipple and areola after mastectomy surgery for breast cancer treatment. Surgeons find it challenging for several reasons: the tissue is quite delicate and requires a blood supply; providing pigmentation to match the remaining areola and nipple requires medical tattooing and finally, protecting the new surgical nipple and areola while it heals involves wearing an apparatus that resembles an 80’s Madonna cone bra. 

Nipple prosthetics are a great option without the pain or challenges that come with surgical restoration. The prosthesis should be soft, thin and coloured in such a way that it looks natural. Nipple prosthetics may be self-adhering or can be applied with a medical adhesive. They should be washable, and be able to withstand daily use without falling apart. 

Bressante nipple prostheses fulfil all these requirements. They are self-adhering, super soft and are available in a variety of colours and styles. Our nipple prosthetics are designed to look and feel natural. They are easy to take care of and are sold in pairs. 

So until TeVido makes 3D printed nipples a reality, give ours a try. 

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