Breast Prosthesis for Breast Asymmetry

Breast Asymmetry (having different size breasts) is not unusual for women and is often addressed with a padded bra or breast prosthesis. Sometimes this occurs naturally and may become more pronounced later in life. Slight differences in breast size can usually be managed by wearing a padded bra. If the bra has removable padding, the padding can be removed on the fuller breast side and left in place for the smaller breast side.

The rule in prosthetics is to always make a prosthesis very lightweight

This rule applies to breast forms as well.  An external breast prosthesis or silicone breast form should fit as close to the chest wall as possible, allowing a properly fitted bra to hug the silicone breast form and keep it securely in place.  This is not possible with a heavy breast form or an ill fitting bra / mastectomy bra.