Breast Prosthesis for Breast Asymmetry

Breast Asymmetry (having different size breasts) is not unusual for women and is often addressed with a padded bra or breast prosthesis. Sometimes this occurs naturally and may become more pronounced later in life. Slight differences in breast size can usually be managed by wearing a padded bra. If the bra has removable padding, the padding can be removed on the fuller breast side and left in place for the smaller breast side.

Sometimes the asymmetry can cause more of a problem, especially if the difference is more than one cup size. This can occur after childbirth, as a result of hormonal dysfunction or following radiation treatment. The affected breast may even continue to shrink over a period of time.

Most of us associate the use of a breast prosthesis with the loss of the whole breast such as when mastectomy surgery is done to treat breast cancer. There are many ways however, that a custom breast prosthesis can be used to manage asymmetry comfortably and easily. A custom prosthesis can be designed to fit over the smaller breast and add the fullness that is missing. Sometimes all that is needed is a partial prosthesis that will lift breast tissue and balance everything. The breast prostheses that we make are low profile, soft, lightweight and can be worn with a variety of bra styles. If designed correctly, a breast prosthesis should be very comfortable and ideally the wearer shouldn’t even feel it. The prosthesis should not shift or move around and it should feel natural especially when somebody comes in for a hug.

Another way to manage asymmetry is to find a good seamstress who can alter clothing and undergarments. An important part of looking and feeling your best is making sure your clothes fit properly. Look for someone that has excellent sewing skills and design experience.

Ideally, designing the prosthesis to work in harmony with the undergarments, will produce the best results. Special swim prosthetics and swimsuit modifications should be approached in the same way. Remember, prosthetics and alterations to clothing are a risk free, pain free option that should definitely be considered.

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