What colour is your breastform?

“My breastform doesn’t show so why does it matter what colour it is?”

The colour and appearance of your breast prosthesis is directly related to wearing compliance and the ease in which you can integrate your prosthesis into your body image. Ideally, your breastform should become a part of you; a part of your everyday life. It is much harder if your prosthesis is ugly or is the wrong colour.

That’s why Bressanté prosthetics are made to look like breasts with areola/nipple detail and a variety of skin tone colours.

All women should have a breastform that matches their skin tone as closely as possible. If you wish to wear a lacy or sheer bra, it should not be a problem. Your Bressanté breastform won’t show.

Even more importantly, you see your breast prosthesis every day. It should look as close to a natural breast as possible, making you feel confident and comfortable.

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