A safe, non-toxic, non-surgical alternative!

Having a Bressanté breast prosthesis is a safe, non-toxic (latex free), non-surgical alternative. Women can choose to access the service at our 1924 Main St. office in Winnipeg Manitoba or through our authorised professionals.

What our clients like the most…

  • A Bressanté breast is soft, lightweight and reflects a woman’s personal detail and skin tone. All Bressanté breasts have an areola/ nipple complex and a choice of skin tones. Your Bressanté breast should look and feel like you.
  • Bressanté breasts are lightweight and hug a woman’s curves so comfortably that many wearers report that they forget they are wearing a prosthesis
  • Wearing Bressanté breasts may boost confidence and self-esteem, reducing stress and enhancing a positive attitude
  • Bressanté breasts resist punctures that cause other gel bags and low quality options to leak
  • Bressanté breasts allow each woman to choose the type of bra that she prefers – no surgical or pocket bras are required

Clothing and fashion choices are not limited with Bressanté!

Choices in undergarments are not limited with the Bressanté breast so women have fewer fashion challenges and clothing restrictions. A Bressanté breast can provide symmetry so that clothing fits better and it can also provide protection for sensitive areas on the body. When someone feels protected and comfortable with their prosthesis, posture improves and this increases general well being. A Bressanté woman is confident and comfortable. She feels empowered with the choice that she has made and she knows that she is beautiful and unique.

Accessibility to Bressante breastforms is the next step

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