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Breast Prosthetics

Choose the Bressanté breast that's right for you !

Having a Bressanté breast created is a safe, non-toxic (latex free), non-surgical alternative.

-Bressanté hugs a woman’s curves so that she is comfortable and can even forget about wearing a prosthesis
-Our prostheses are more durable, as they resist punctures that could result in leaks
-Bressanté allows each woman to choose the type of bra that she prefers

Our Clients

Our clients happiness and satisfaction are very important to us. In fact, our prosthetics have been designed based on clients feedback. Our clients deserve to have access to all the options. That is what Bressanté is all about.We are dedicated to helping women find their very own road to recovery.

About Us

Wendy Smith is the founder and president of Bressanté and a Certified Prosthetist and Clinical Anaplastologist.

Over almost three decades Wendy has built an international reputation for excellence in the development of new techniques for creating highly detailed, medically and aesthetically accurate, fine prosthetic devices such as hands, fingers, ears, noses and breasts.